KiwiSaver information readily available from Inland Revenue

All the information employers and individuals need about KiwiSaver is readily available, says Inland Revenue Deputy Commissioner Colin MacDonald. Press Release Inland Revenue has sent 1.5 million Employee Information Packs and 200,000 Employer Guides to employers registered with the department. More than 130,000 copies of the packs have so far been downloaded from, which […]

High public interest in KiwiSaver

As we rapidly approach 1 July (Sunday), opening date for KiwiSaver, it has become clear that there has been a surge in public interest, said Vance Arkinstall, CEO, Investment Savings & Insurance Association (ISI). Press Release Following the Budget announcements providing a tax credit of up to $20 per week and the phased in compulsory […]

Tower Kiwiplan website launch today at 10am

TOWER shows a new side of its personality today, with the launch of its new KiwiPlan website at Press Release Since long before the KiwiSaver Act was passed, the Government recognised a need for New Zealanders to become more financially literate. Even so, most investment statements and explanatory notes on investments and superannuation are […]