KiwiSaver information readily available from Inland Revenue

All the information employers and individuals need about KiwiSaver is readily available, says Inland Revenue Deputy Commissioner Colin MacDonald.
Press Release

Inland Revenue has sent 1.5 million Employee Information Packs and 200,000 Employer Guides to employers registered with the department.

More than 130,000 copies of the packs have so far been downloaded from, which has been seeing growing numbers of visitors since it was launched nine months ago.

“We’re working with many employers to help them implement the work-based savings scheme, MacDonald said.

“Our focus in the first few months of the scheme is going to be very much on education and support, to make the implementation of the scheme as smooth as possible,” MacDonald said.

“Employers’ obligations for KiwiSaver are very simple – provide information to workers who want it and enrol new staff and others who want to opt in. For 1 July, nothing has changed.

“Everything they need is available at the website and we’re also encouraging people to contact our KiwiSaver call centre if they have any other queries.

“The call centre has been getting a steadily growing number of inquiries from employers, individuals and tax agents.

“Yesterday we had 1135 calls and we’re geared up to take a lot more calls from next week.

“We are also receiving an average of over 15,000 visitors a day to the website.”

MacDonald said the information campaign will continue as KiwiSaver goes through milestones, including next week’s official start, and 1 October when Inland Revenue will begin passing contributions to the scheme providers.

“Our message right now is very much business as usual – anyone who is eligible and wants to join will be able to, ” MacDonald said.