Take Kiwisaver pay reviews in two steps

Employers advised to take KiwiSaver pay reviews in two stepsMany employers in the middle of wage and salary reviews are finding they have to urgently re-work pay increases to accommodate the new compulsory KiwiSaver employer contributions, says David Lowe, Employment Services Manager for the Northern Employers and Manufacturers Association. “Many businesses work on a July […]

Will KiwiSaver force employers to consider

“Employers who struggle to pay KiwiSaver contributions may face a double whammy paying out extra on redundancy payments if they try to downsize,” say Ernst & Young KiwiSaver spokespeople Jo Doolan and Aaron Quintal.Press release – Ernst & Young “For employees who are members of KiwiSaver, any redundancy payments will be subject to KiwiSaver contributions […]

Staples Rodway launches Kiwisaver scheme

Press Release: Leading accounting firm Staples Rodway has launched a KiwiSaver scheme that will be available to both their clients and the wider public.The Staples Rodway scheme includes Conservative, Balanced and Growth investment funds that are each independently managed. Members can choose any combination of these funds and will be provided with an investment attitudes […]