KiwiSaver to set West Coast kids up for life

An innovative project between the Westland District and an investment fund aims to see 1500 school kids and pre-schoolers signed up with KiwiSaver by the end of August. Press Release The project was initiated by the Westland District Mayor Maureen Pugh. We already have a well recognised KiwiSaver provider who is working with us and […]

KiwiSaver safe for investors

For many New Zealanders KiwiSaver will be the first, low cost, easily accessible, work based savings opportunity that they have experienced, says Vance Arkinstall of ISI. Press Release As a result the security of KiwiSaver investment, efficiency of management and performance, must be paramount. KiwiSaver has been designed to provide maximum investor safety. It is […]

Absolute return funds will have a place in KiwiSaver portfolios.

As the KiwiSaver infrastructure matures the range of offerings available to KiwiSaver investors will grow, and will eventually include absolute return and alternative investment products such as hedge funds. Press Release “A 2004 report presented to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund by Eriksen and Associates recommended an increase in the benchmark weighting to alternative assets,” […]