Generate: Advisers dealing with questions

KiwiSaver provider Generate is encouraging advisers to refer clients who are worried about its recent hack back to its website.

It revealed last week that there had been illegitimate access to its systems. Data about 26,000 members, including their ID documents and passwords, was accessed.

“We know that advisers are fielding questions from clients about this incident, both from affected Generate members and others. We want advisers to know that having taken immediate steps to secure our systems, we are working very hard to assist their clients who were affected,” said chief executive Henry Tongue.

“On Wednesday, as we were sending emails to all our members, letting them know whether or not their personal information was involved, we also contacted all the subscribers to our advisers’ mailing list, alerting them to the incident and recommending ways they could assist their affected clients.”

He said advisers who had clients in the scheme should ask them to log into their Generate account so they could see what information was involved.

They should also go to the website for steps to take to prevent harm.

"Advisers can also assure their clients that this incident affected our online application system information solely, and not our members’ KiwiSaver or other investment accounts, or the investments themselves, which are held in a completely separate system.

"As an organisation we take the protection of our members’ data very seriously. Unfortunately, as advisers will know, malicious attacks of this nature are becoming more common both in New Zealand and globally, so constant vigilance is required, which is why we are taking longer term steps to further strengthen the security of our systems. This is a key priority for us alongside continuing to perform strongly as an investment manager to deliver results for our members.”