First adviser-led KiwiSaver scheme

Low profile adviser group Aurora Financial has establised a new firm with its own KiwiSaver scheme with a strong ESG focus.

New investment manager, Aurora Capital, is delighted to announce the launch of the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme. The Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme offers a range of funds that apply environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, with a specific focus on investments that can improve the health of our planet, such as reducing the impact of climate change.

The initial core offering of the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme, which is issued and hosted by Wellington-based company Implemented Investment Solutions, is comprised of three funds: the Aurora Conservative Fund, the Aurora Growth Fund, and the Aurora Future Focused Fund. The Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme also offers a lifecycle option, Aurora RetirementPlus, which blends the fund options to provide a targeted level of risk based on age.

The Aurora Conservative Fund and Aurora Growth Fund currently invest into underlying funds managed by Mint Asset Management. The Future Focused Fund invests in BlackRock ETFs, selected by Aurora Capital, that are comprised of companies with high ESG ratings and exposure to specific climate change themes.

Commenting on the launch, CEO and co-founder, Simon Rolland, said “Aurora Capital was created to provide KiwiSaver investors with an opportunity to use investment for good, and all the funds in the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme are oriented around ESG principles. We are especially thrilled to bring a climate change focused fund to KiwiSaver investors because we believe that solving climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face today.”

Aurora Capital’s co-founder and Chief Investment Officer is Sean Henaghan, a financial services veteran who worked previously at AMP Capital (Australia) where he managed more than A$100 billion in multi-asset portfolios. Henaghan said “KiwiSaver is a long-term investment vehicle – clients that invest with us can create personal financial wealth while also leaving the planet in better shape for future generations. We are proud to be accessing the investment expertise of Mint Asset Management, whom we regard as a high-calibre active investment manager that has integrated ESG considerations into its investment process as well as being a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment”.

“We are excited to be investing in innovative technologies and solutions that can create positive change for people and help address climate change issues. We have specifically appointed BlackRock for the Future Focused Fund, as their ETFs are best-in-class and are aligned to the climate focus of the Fund,” Mr Henaghan said.

As part of Aurora Capital’s commitment to making a positive impact on the planet, it is proud to support CarbonClick, an Auckland-based technology company that provides individuals and businesses the tools to calculate and offset their carbon emissions. Together with CarbonClick, Aurora Capital will measure, track and offset its own carbon footprint, and will encourage its staff, as well as clients, to consider offsetting their individual carbon footprints, reducing their environmental impact. Aurora Capital and CarbonClick will work together to not just offset emissions, but to educate Aurora Capital’s staff and clients on sustainability and how they can reduce their overall emissions wherever possible. In addition to offsetting, the overarching goal is to reduce gross emissions. Aurora Capital believes this approach is consistent with the goal for the planet, which is to actively reduce the overall carbon footprint.

The Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme offerings will be distributed by financial advice provider, Aurora Financial, which means that all members of the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme will have access to financial advice through an adviser.

Implemented Investment Solutions Limited is the issuer and manager of the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme. Aurora Capital Limited is the investment manager of the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme. A product disclose statement for the Aurora KiwiSaver Scheme can be obtained from the manager at, from the investment manager at, and via the offer register at