A cluster of ‘modest’ accounts: what KiwiSaver balances really look like

In what’s believed to be an industry first, the NZ Society of Actuaries has produced a report that analyses account-level data for a large segment of the KiwiSaver market. Until now, nothing been published about the actual balances of KiwiSaver’s 3.09 million members, with most statistics focusing on averages. For example, the FMA’s annual KiwiSaver […]

[GRTV] Rob Everett on value for money; the great KiwiSaver land grab and fees

What's value for money with KiwiSaver? Former Financial Markets Authority chief executive Rob Everett provides answers in this Good Returns TV interview.  [Including Podcast] Rob Everett admits working out what is value for money “is a difficult topic.” “What we were trying to do with value for money is acknowledge that it's not all about […]