More than 1.2 million KiwiSaver members did not invest in the scheme in the year to March 31, showing that while KiwiSaver has hit new heights in funds under management, there are big opportunities for providers and advisers. The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has just released its KiwiSaver Annual Report for the year ended March […]

The number may be daunting – more than $1 million for a couple to retire comfortably – but many Kiwis won't have anything close to that in their KiwiSaver accounts by retirement age. So, should KiwiSaver be made compulsory? Considering 35% of New Zealanders over 60 don't know how much they need to retire comfortably, […]

Kiwi Wealth has followed BNZ and put administration of its default KiwiSaver Scheme on the MMC platform. MMC says this is an extension of its services to Kiwi Wealth. It will provide full registry services, as well as unit pricing and fund accounting for Kiwi Wealth’s Managed Funds and KiwiSaver products. By transitioning these services […]

BNZ have gone live with MMC’s registry services to support its default KiwiSaver scheme. MMC chief executive Vedran Babic says the project took six months to deliver and BNZ is the first KiwiSaver default provider for MMC’s registry services. The bank were already using MMC’s fund administration services for unit pricing and fund accounting across all their […]