KiwiSaver will increase our household savings

KiwiSaver will increase our household savings, which have fallen to critically low levels. Excerpt from Dr Michael Cullen’s speech notes for address to EMA Northern CEO Breakfast If we save more, we consume less. Saving builds the wealth of New Zealanders and helps build the pool of assets needed for business investment. Ask Australians. I […]

Aussie mutual into KiwiSaver

Australian mutual, eo, has established a New Zealand arm and already registered a KiwiSaver scheme.Eo financial services New Zealand chief executive Kevin Beasley says Eosaver is already the employer-chosen KiwiSaver scheme for many employees of recruitment and employment services companies in New Zealand. He says eo is building on a foundation of more than 10 […]

Don’t Dismantle KiwiSaver To Pay For Tax Cuts For High Income Earners — “KiwiSaver is good news for many workers, and the government and employer contributions shouldn’t be scrapped to help National pay for tax cuts that deliver the biggest benefits to those on high incomes,” CTU secretary Carol Beaumont said yesterday. “The main income […]

More KiwiSaver incentives required: Poll

Changes to KiwiSaver announced in this year’s Budget have turbo-charged the semi-sompulsory savings scheme, however they don’t go far enough. A poll of senior finance industry representatives conducted by Finsia, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, reveals that majorty of respondent want more incentives in the scheme. Finsia says that 57% believe “that more incentives […]