Securities Commission takes a swipe at Huljich in KiwiSaver guidelines

The Securities Commission has taken a veiled swipe at Huljich Wealth Management in its guidelines for distribution and disclosure released yesterday. The market regulator wagged its finger over the signing up of KiwiSaver members through door-to-door sales, something that got Huljich in trouble last year, and also stressed the need for disclosure statements to indicate […]

Same regime needed for all KiwiSaver trustees

Trustees respond to teh government’s comments over their role in supervising KiwiSaver schemes. “It’s important that trustees are fit for purpose, professional and independent”, Trustee Corporations Association chairman Clynton Hardy says. “The bottom line is that close to $5 billion, and rising, is invested in KiwiSaver schemes. “A KiwiSaver trustee’s job is no different from […]