NZ Funds’ new UK Pension Transfer Service aims to become market leader A market in need of a fresh approach For many years, the United Kingdom pension transfer market has been a murky backwater, with little transparency or regulatory oversight. Transfers to a number of prominent incumbent providers can involve fees of up to 5% of the value […]

New Zealand is spending billions of dollars on KiwiSaver with no clear indication that it is leaving anyone better off, two retirement policy commentators say. Michael Chamberlain, an Auckland actuary and investment adviser, and Michael Littlewood, co-founder of the University of Auckland’s Retirement policy and Research Centre, have released a new report, outlining “133 questions […]

Over the lifecycle of a KiwiSaver investment switches will be required at key investor milestones but these can be clunky. Michael Lang talks about the alternatives By now many New Zealanders have successfully navigated their way out of the default scheme they were randomly allocated to, into more growth-orientated schemes. The move has been a good one, […]

The founder of a new responsible investment platform wants to get all KiwiSaver members to think about where their money is invested. Mindful Money, a new charitable social enterprise that wants to help people invest ethically, launched today. It is a free platform allowing investors to check what is in their KiwiSaver funds and find […]